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Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Welcome to choose Techleum. We ‘Techleum’ (‘we’, ‘Techleum’, ‘Us’) are dedicated to protecting your data privacy. This Privacy Policy is for you to understand how we collect, share and use your input data when you access our website owned by Techleum while using our services and courses. This Privacy Policy also describes your options regarding access, use, canceling of consent, and correction of personal data. The information we collected through our services has the limited purpose of providing our training and services according to your engagement with Techleum.

To secure your personal information, we strictly follow applicable privacy laws. Using our services and training program, you automatically agree with our privacy policy mention here.

Data we collect:

We get some of your personal information directly when you decide to open a profile to get our services and training from us. We collect information like your personal data, how much data you are consuming for the content, and information from third-party platforms you connect through our platform. We also get information about you and your operating devices, what services you are using from us, how much time you are spending with Techleum, and other related information while accessing our website.

Data You Provided:

Depending upon your use of our services, we collect data from you. When you open an account with Techleum to use our services, we collect any data you put directly:

User's Profile Data:

To access certain features on the site, you need to open a user account where you will provide your name, address, email address, password, queries, and interests with us. We might also ask for further details like mobile no, photo id proof, skill interest, and date of birth. To create an authentic user profile, we will assign you a unique verification code. A user will also provide information like headline, biography, language, country, and other data. Some of your profile data might be publically viewable.

Educational Content: We also collect some educational/content-related data about your training, study materials, assignments, quizzes, purchase of your courses, when you will start and complete a course/ training, completion of certificates, and other education-related materials.

Payment/ Subscription Data: If you purchase any courses from us, we also collect data like the mode you use for payment, payment account, email address of related account, account id, physical address to complete the transaction. Following applicable laws, we work with third parties to collect tax information legally.

Customer Care Data: If you contact Techleum for any concerns and information, we will ask for your contact information, problem/ issues, and related data like name, name of your courses, name of services you asked, messages, Techleum user Id, transaction Id, and other data. To solve your concern, we will use these data.

Payment Privacy Policy:

Your transaction will process through a safe and secure payment gateway. We do not keep your debit/ credit card information on our server except the last four digits of your card.

Non-identifiable information:

We can also keep non-identifiable data in our end like
- Browser Type
- Device Type
- Language Preference
- Time Zone
- Screen Size

Sharing Information:

If your employer pays for your subscription with us, Techleum can share your personal information with them. We can also share your information with our service providers like trainers and subcontractors. We control the rights to disclose your personal information as required by applicable laws. We can also disclose your data in need to protect the rights of our company for judicial proceedings and related legal processes.

Data from Third Party Sources:

We collect data from third parties and platforms. Data we collect from third parties are protected through following applicable laws mentioned below-

1. We collect data from social media platforms, where you are allowed to show your information and interests to display publically.

2. Undertaking trainees where you are working as an employee benefiting our services.

3. We collect data from past and current participants in our program.

4. We can collect your data from public domains or government databases.

5. We can also gather your information through mail, surveys, and queries.

For the improvement purpose of our services and products, we may add data from our site.

Personal Information modification, update, removal, and rectify policy:

• Techleum allows users to update, remove, and change their personal information at any time with us.

• If we can find out the information you have given are incorrect and false or wrong, we will immediately ask you to update the right information or remove your account permanently.

• We are careful to maintain the privacy of your data in a manner that protects against malicious errors.

Techleum can change the privacy policy anytime without any prior notice to users.

Where we will use your personal information:

We collect your personal information through the website, email, surveys, social platforms, or when you are looking for a specific service or training. We can use your personal information to-

• Provide you the services we offer

• Communicate you through your given information

• Understand the need for your requests to determine what kind of services and courses you asked.

• Expert job support guidance

• Receive your queries and requests regarding our service and training.

• Feedback against customer support requests.

• Share special offers, discounts, promotional and marketing offers.

• Connect with you from Techleum about the course content, products, site content, and services through mail, phone, and chat. By agreeing with our privacy policy you are giving us the authority to follow the same.


• Techleum uses cookies to store, share and collect your browsing history on our site and across the website. These cookies allow us to follow up on your access to our sites like access timing, and preferred courses/ services/ interests.

• Techleum uses automated data collection tools like cookies, scripts, tags, and customized links when users access our sites and services.

• Some cookies play an essential role which helping to perform basic functionalities like users login information on our site and related data when a user logs in back to our site.

• Insight cookies are to track the activity of users within our website that helps to improve the users experience with Techleum.

The user will see a warning every time cookies are being used for the essential functionalities so that the user can select whether one can allow the cookies or not. Users can control the presence of the cookie through browser settings.

If the user does not allow cookies, special features and functionalities may disable for those users that will affect their experience while accessing our site.

Communication with users and clients:

We will use your email id to send our marketing promotional tools and newsletters from time to time. If a user is no longer interested to receive newsletters and promotional emails from us, he can choose not to receive those following instructions from emails they receive from us.

We will send emails to users to inform any announcements for occasions in need. In case, our services are temporarily unavailable, under maintenance, we will notify our users.

Privacy Policy last updated on 03.08.22 by Techleum.


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