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Microsoft Azure Administrator Az104

Microsoft Azure Administrator Az104


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01 August, 2022

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About this course

The AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification validates the competencies of candidates in managing cloud services including computing, networking, storage, storage, security, and other Microsoft Azure cloud capabilities. The certification and training renders across the board understanding of cloud services across the entire IT lifecycle that would include applications, infrastructure services and environments.

The AZ-104 certification is a new path to get certified as a Microsoft Azure Administrator. It is designed to measure the candidate skills as an Azure Administrator to implement, manage, and monitor identity in the cloud environment. The Azure Administrator will provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources appropriately. The AZ-104 Certification training provides you a deep understanding of the administrative life-cycle. This Azure AZ-104 course shows you how Azure administrators maintain services related to computing, storage, network, and security. The AZ-104 certification training enhances your skills and prepares you for the AZ-104 certification exam. Candidates also gain hands-on exposure to optimize cloud performance and scalability, provisioning, reliability, and monitoring.

  • How to manage Azure AD objects.
  • How to manage role-based access control (RBAC).
  • How to manage subscriptions and governance.
  • How to manage storage accounts.
  • How to manage data in Azure Storage
  • How to configure Azure files and Azure blob storage.
  • How to configure VMs for high availability and scalability
  • How to automate deployment and configuration of VMs.
  • How to create and configure VMs.
  • How to create and configure containers.
  • How to create and configure Web Apps.
  • How to monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking.
  • How to configure name resolution.
  • How to secure access to virtual networks.
  • How to configure load balancing
  • How to monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking
  • How to integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network.
  • How to monitor resources by using Azure Monitor.
  • How to implement backup and recovery.

What will I learn?

  • Manage Azure identities and governance

  • Manage Azure AD objects

  • Manage role-based access control (RBAC)

  • Manage subscriptions and governance

  • Implement and manage storage

  • Manage storage accounts

  • Manage data in Azure Storage

  • Configure Azure files and Azure blob storage

  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources

  • Configure VMs for high availability and scalability

  • Automate deployment and configuration of VMs

  • Create and configure VMs

  • Create and configure containers

  • Create and configure Web Apps

  • Configure and manage virtual networking

  • Implement and manage virtual networking

  • Configure name resolution

  • Secure access to virtual networks

  • Configure load balancing

  • Monitor and troubleshoot virtual networking

  • Integrate an on-premises network with an Azure virtual network

  • Monitor and backup Azure resources

  • Monitor resources by using Azure Monitor

  • Implement backup and recovery

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