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AWS Solutions Architect Professional

AWS Solutions Architect Professional


IT Expert


01 August, 2022

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About this course

This course is specifically designed for the aspirants who intend to give the "AWS Solutions Architect - Professional" level certification as well as for those who intend to gain a deeper understanding related to AWS.

One of the pre-requisite for the course is the candidate's prior understanding of the core AWS services. We generally recommend completing the AWS Solutions Architect - Associate video course (knowledge-wise) before starting with the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional. However, this requirement can be ignored if a candidate has working experience on AWS.

There are five primary sections in this course, each section is directly aligned with the official exam blueprint. This course also has an exam preparation section with practice tests to verify if the candidate is ready to give the official certification exams.

Keeping the standards high similar to other best-seller courses of Zeal, this course has a perfect balance and the things are explained in a simplified way with practical scenarios.

With tons of quizzes, great lectures, and fantastic support from the Instructor, this course is all you need to gain a deeper understanding in AWS and master the AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification.

With this interesting set of learnings and practicals, I look forward to seeing you in this course.

What will I learn?

  • Have great understanding about security aspect related to AWS

  • Gain great understanding about Single-Sign-On Technologies

  • Gain deep insights into AWS

  • Will be prepared to give the AWS Solutions Architect - Professional certification

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    Instructor: IT Expert

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    Language: English

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