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AI and Machine Learning with Python

AI and Machine Learning with Python


IT Expert


01 August, 2022

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About this course

Dive into the concept of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) and learn how to implement advanced algorithms to solve real-world problems.

This course will teach you the workflow of ML projects from data pre-processing to advanced model design and testing.

What will I learn?

  • Define and understand the meaning of AI and machine learning and explore their applications

  • Define and understand Deep Learning in computer vision

  • Handling Data Frames by learning various tasks including (data exploration, visualization and cleaning)

  • Understand and create various Supervised Learning algorithms

  • Understand and build recommendation systems

  • Understand and create various Unsupervised Learning algorithms

  • Understand and create NLP (Natural Language Processing) systems

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    Instructor: IT Expert

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    Live Hands on Classes: 15

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    Duration: 40:00:00 Hours

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    Enrolled: 20 Students

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    Language: English

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