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Cyber Security

Cyber Security


IT Expert


01 August, 2022

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About this course

Our Cyber Security course will help you stay upgraded with recent trends and news to make sure you are able to implement the right measure through suitable hardware and software in your organization.

It is one of the blooming career scopes in the market due to continuous cyber attacks on servers, websites, computer systems, networks, mobile androids etc. It is a recommended training program for penetration tester, cyber security analyst, cyber security auditor, and forensic investigator cyber security architect professional.

Cyber Security program will provide you different concepts like cryptography, computer networks and security, ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, sniffing, malware threats, SQL injection, DoS, session hijacking and various security practices for business with hands-on experience under certified and market experienced trainers.

What will I learn?

  • Identify Cyber threats

  • Overcome the risks f punishing attacks by adhering to ethical security behaviour

  • Cyber security risk management

  • Investigating data breaches, cyber attacks

  • Know about legal requirements, auditing process and privacy policies of cloud environment

  • Focus on IT infrastructure for order and remove the clutter by implementing accurate software solution

  • Designing cyber security controls to protect your organization

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    Instructor: IT Expert

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    Live Hands on Classes: 30

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    Duration: 60:00:00 Hours

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    Enrolled: 20 Students

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    Language: English

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